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SIN LOGICA "Fuel of Death" LP

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Der Einfachheit halber auch hier in englisch:

Hey punks,

we have a new record out & say hello to RIND023 – whoo-hoo! “Fuel of Death” is the second LP by Sin Logica from Lucerne / Switzerland. The band has been around since ages and has released two singles and one LP so far. Now, “Fuel of Death” - you can tap your foot to the beat while listening to it but you can also run around in your flat, scream along and play air guitar to it. And drink beer. 12 songs, stompin’ hardcore/punk that never goes full speed ahead. The dirty rocking stuff has definitively influenced these people and the Motörhead shirt on the backcover makes a lot of sense. Check the band out on their website www.sinlogica.ch, no songs from the new album so far but if you don’t know the band it gives you an idea.

We also re-pressed the Midnight Crisis s/t EP and the Unhaim s/t LP recently, both with some little changes in the artwork. Still available are the Ravage Fix s/t EP, Finisterre "Bitter Songs" LP (last copies) and Chamber "Chamber Noir" double-LP (last few copies).

Get in touch if you want a copy (or several for your distro. And yes, we still do trade our records).

RIND022 – Midnight Crisis s/t EP
Oh yes! The demo was cool, and this is great! The first vinyl output by Midnight Crisis from Leipzig / Germany, rowdy hardcore-punk with a huge 80s Finland-hardcore influence, always between midtempo and full speed ahead. Comes with a beautiful cover drawn by the Silver Mullet of Death (which fits perfect, I’d say).

Maximum Rock’n’Roll:
I went to Leipzig, Germany once and went to a show that was in this super bombed-out, post-apocalyptic abandoned communist housing-project. They had shows on the bottom floor, a kitchen and housing around the middle, and one of the best record stores I’ve ever been ti towards the top. The show was great and it was one of the most punk-positive affirming mo-ments in my life. Midnight Crisis is from Leipzig and this EP makes me feel giddy in the same way as that trip. Despite their hometown they sing in Finnish (they share a vocalist with Herätys) and their whole sound is drenched in early 80s Finnish hardcore filth with a hint of Oi! in parts. The lyrics are translated into English, making it a little more accessible. The art-work looks like how I remember Leipzig, and the liners are filled with every punk doodle you could ever want. If you like fun and early 80s Finnish hardcore then this is something that you don’t want to miss.

RIND021 - Ravage Fix s/t EP
We continue the tradition of our label & put out another record by friends of us who play good music. Four songs of super cool hardcorepunk, influenced by the good old days of “back then”, and Japan. Imagine a bunch of folks of which the singer likes Japanese hardcore, the bass player likes to wear a Skitkids-shirt, the guitar player thinks the best band he ever saw was Poison Idea and the drummer says “alcohol is a cool thing”. That’s Ravage Fix, they are cool, so is their music and the record, of course, too. Whoo-hoo!

Maximum Rock’n’Roll:
Heavy, raging hardcore from Germany, a potent mix of grooving tempos and high-energy delivery making for a racuous result! The vocals echo, spit and growl, the constant drum-pounding runs deep and the bass fuzzes so much at times I can hear the amps crackle - neat! The guitars are sharp and thick (like a rusty chainsaw) , the gang vocals come and go (sing along fucker!) and with these four tracks raging from mid-tempo to melody, then from solo to D-beat, this is mixed up enough to satisfy both plodders and spinners in the pit, with tracks "Disorder" and "Dark Grey" standing out for their hustling urgency and lyrical vomitus. Fans of old school Skandi/Japanese hardcore, the blown out Destino Final-influenced sound and the recent wave of rowdy USHC bands might like this. Standard but solid.

Fuuuuck, these cats are pissed. Four tracks of raw, feral hardcore delivered at varying tempos ranging from thrash to slow, caustic burn. The song structures are simple, but man, do they pack a punch.

RIND020 - Unhaim s/t LP
It finally happened after having been in the works for ages! After four songs on a seven inch some time ago Unhaim have only one guitar player left but also a new singer, and here we go for the first album of the band. Crustpunk as it has to be: Slightly (only slightly!) metallic, not too polished and a healthy dose of punkrock! No neo-crust here, but also not monotonic ENT-like noise. Lyrics are mostly in Swiss German, and there’s a sample here and there as well…the music’s on three sides of this records, go figure! And you even have the titles on the vinyl… The record comes in a silkscreened cover with an inside-printing, plus a printed inner sleeve with a spraypainting on the other side.

Maximum Rock’n’Roll:
A really great debut 12’’ by this Swiss crust band is their second release since their formation in 2003 by members of Pack, Lost and Brutal Massacre. While not really sounding like Born Dead Icons, the eleven tracks here inhabits the same grimy corners of low-end down-tuning played at low-to-mid tempo, backed by a pounding solid drum beat and gravel vocals. Center-ing on dark mood as much as overdrive of straight ahead attack, it’s a powerful record in it’s a balance of dark, haunting riffs with simplistic brutal pounding and a unique that fulfills the conventions of genre but doesn’t fit easily packaged within them that it demands repeat lis-tens. The actual “packaging” however itself is a gimmick record to end all gimmick records: A 12’’ with a screen printed jacket with printing on the inside, a triple sided (with an alterna-tively playing grooved third “side”) mastering job, one side given wide bands like the original Initial State LP, with inscriptions between tracks and other unnecessary bells and whistle sil-liness that make it an interesting artifact…but leave me kind of unsure if any of these things really add to the overall experience, or just there to do something unique for its own sake. None distract from the music – luckily all the mastering tricks still leave you with a pretty loud record – lyrics are mostly in German except for the three “side C” tracks.

RIND017 - Chamber ‘Chamber Noir’ double-LP
Six songs, a hefty mix of crust and black metal (without a typical annoying high pitched voice…!) with slower and mid-tempo parts make this one an interesting album that never gets annoying. Packed in a full colour gatefold sleve with printed inner sleeves (and you get a download coupon as well). You can listen to the album here: http://chamber.wifagena.com/

One record from this batch in particular, by the band CHAMBER I found particularly interesting. Upon receiving the Rinderherz trade list, the Chamber description immediately captivated me. This excellent release is for those who dig the American wave of earthy pagan black metal. While I am more inclined to listen to bands that are of similar nature as opposed to bands that sound almost like WITTR, taken off guard by this one. Having very similar sound, almost eerily so Chamber sounds like a more stripped down version of WITTR – a little more raw and a little less “pretty”. This release also comes in spectacular gate fold jacket with heavy stock sleeves that are printed with lush and intense images – creepy and haunting yet beautiful photography and lyrics. Also comes with a download card! Highly recommended!

RIND013 - Finisterre „Bitter Songs LP
Re-pressed again (this is the fourth press run on orange vinyl)
Two years after their split LP with ALPINIST, here is the first own album by Finisterre from Cologne/Germany. “Bitter Songs” is a record full of melancholic songs about the bitterness of life. Expect dark, but melodic Hardcore surrounded by a heavy D-Beat drumming and fronted by a brutal female voice. Finisterre have been compared to Fall of Efrafa and Schifosi in the past, but still managed to create their own interpretation of modern crust.

D-Beat Beater:
Finisterre debut LP since the split LP with Alpinist who went on to delivery a fantastic LP, so now it is Finisterre's turn to live up to what Alpinist created and they do with a crushingly emotionally epic record which when it kicks in it gives you a good kick as well with strong vocals which you can feel passion with in. The first song 'Orwell Nation' starts off with a nice slow intro of just a crushing intro before putting it into full throttle and blast you with drums that catch you in a moment before the vocals grab you and make you go 'YES I FUCKEN LOVE THIS'. There is a good bit of emotion and passion that comes off this records through both vocals and guitars. Fairly fancy lyric book, with the lyric's contained featuring topics such as the surveillance of our daily lives, EU laws against immigration, sexism. Songs come with explanation which I just I love as it gives you that bit more to read and really invokes your feelings toward the injustices of this world.

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