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Autor:  Sherlock Punk [ Sa 4. Jan 2014, 09:36 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Balkongpønker Vinilers /Strongly Opposed Records Liste

OLDSCHOOL REDNEX-Oldschool Rednex 7''(Greece,2 very catchy punk songs,comes with cover and printed innersleeve incl.lyrix in greek and english translations)Balkongpønker Vinilers Pønk 002

BRUT-footsteps doppel 7''(Switzerland,HC from the depths of Rorschach!,9 songs,gatefold sleeve!)Strongly Opposed 020
BREAKOUT-never give up! 7''(France,street punk à la UK82/Casualties etc.,inkl.Textblatt mit klarer Message!)Balkongpønker Vinilers Pønk 001
VITRIOLIC RESPONSE “FOLLOW THE HERD EP 7’’ (5 songs by these UK-crusty punx!)Strongly Opposed 019
Dioxin-s/t 12’’EP(swiss anarcho trash-punk,5 songs,remixed,authorized vinyl by the singer,incl. insert with lyrix and translations)

No,I still don’t like CD’s.
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